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This community is for fans of the Fifth Doctor's companion, Nyssa of Traken, the last survivor of the idyllic Empire of Traken. Gen, het and slash fanfic as well as art, videos, discussion, links, etc. are all welcome as long as it's at least remotely related to Nyssa. Discussion of Sarah Sutton's other roles, etc. is also welcome, but please not RPF or gossip about her personal life. Thanks!

New member introduction form:

(You don't have to use it to make your first post, or even any post if you don't want, but I've found these to be good conversation starters. :-) )

Who are you? (feel free to elaborate as much or as little as you want)
How did you discover Doctor Who?
Who was your first Doctor? First Companion?
What was your first Nyssa episode?
When did you decide you were a Nyssa fan--was it instantaneous, or did it take a few episodes?
What is your favorite Nyssa episode?
If you've read the novels, which of the ones involving Nyssa would you recommend to the rest of us?
Of the Big Finish audios?
Other than Nyssa, who are your favorite Doctor Who companions?
Favorite Doctor(s)?
Favorite villains?
Other favorite characters?
Favorite era?
Do you do fic, art, icons, videos, meta, etc., and if so where can we find them?
Anything else we should know?